More of a family than a team

Tradition and modernity

Autoservice Agreiter is a multi-brand mechanic's workshop, specialising in the repair, maintenance and testing of motor vehicles.

Our story started long ago but is still very much alive because we have combined experience with innovation, choosing the most effective equipment and investing in technology which, if used with the proper expertise, can help our business stay one step ahead!

We like working in a team, and have combined our different areas of expertise to offer you the best service. We are perfectionists and believe that everyone should do their part, also because we all have different skills which we like to improve with ongoing training.

Ours is more than just a Workshop, it's also a meeting-place of people and their stories because we always have time to exchange a few words. Maybe you want to replace your car windows but are worried it will be too expensive: come to us for a chat, then you can clarify your options and come to a calm decision.

The Team

We have several employees but ours is a family concern, founded by my father, Andrea Agreiter. He opened his first workshop in San Cassiano in 1991 but then moved to La Villa in Badia in 1999 when the business became more successful. 

My mother, Elisabeth Agreiter, has always worked alongside him, and continues to run the administrative side of the business. As for me, Philipp, I started playing with bolts and spanners at an early age, and am still "playing" with cars now I'm an adult. I graduated from High School with a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications, and am also a qualified vehicle technician. Training is everything, and the secret recipe of our team is just the right balance between experience and enthusiasm!

We always say that this Workshop is our second home, because besides being a team we are a family, which includes all the people who have relied on us over the years.

We love your car, just like our own

Our values